I always remember when I was a child, I was helping my mother do the home OEM work after school. In that age, Fathers went out to work to earn meager salary; Mothers went to pick up home OEM work to subsidize the family income, and children started to do help when finished their homework... I had no idea what I did would go abroad and became a famous brand.

Taiwan has been a kingdom of OEM since that age. Many good things with the logo of famous foreign brands sold abroad were manufactured here. They all rely on these nameless workers' efforts to be known to the world.

We come from Tainan, the oldest city in Taiwan.

This is not just an ancient cultural city, and its world-famous not only the delicious food but friendly snacks. The most important, it has deep sense of human touch.

You won’t be afraid of getting lost while walking on the street, because the Tainan people always give the direction with smile. Unlike the people in a crowded busy city always in a hurry on the road without heads up, the warm sunshine of Tainan will make people unconsciously slow down and enjoy the scenery on the way ... As a result, here once was the original producer of over 90%sunglasses in the world. The sunglasses of worldwide famous brands are born here ...

Unlike other large mechanized production industry, it need 36 methods to manufacture a pair of sunglasses from production to complete. It is a kind of industry with very intensive manual labor. They must be very careful, patient with thick human touch to work together to complete a pair of sunglasses. That is why many sunglasses factories in mainland China and go back here ... Why we created our own brand is we see and understand the passion and persistence of the people from Tainan.

  • We insist on protecting our labors. We do not use the sunglasses manufactured in China. They must all be locally produced in Taiwan.
  • We insist on protecting our environment. Our factories use the production with manufacturing process complying with the environmental regulations.
  • We insist that the glasses with AD mark shall have the EU, CE, U.S. FDA and Taiwan CNS quality certification standards.
  • We insist on guarding a pass for consumers. We hope our customers are not just customers, as well as to establish a good interaction with customers. We pay attention to customers’ advice and current market conditions. We grow with market and consumption trends, so that consumers trust our related products.
  • We insist our products must pass all the comprehensive testing by the Plastic and Industrial Technology Development Center (PIDC) in addition to self-test by factory itself. No matter the strength, crashworthiness rate and blocking harmful rays, PIDC check to find any flaws in the products. Besides discussing how to improve with the factory to make our customers feel safety, we believe that such rigorous checks are also the implementation of our self-expectations. We’d like to let AD quality goods take significant steps to market abroad.
  • We insist to "feed back." We join in public interest groups, are involved in cultural and creative activities and local sports organizations. The consumers supporting and trusting us indirectly are involved in the local public feedback and support local sports activities, as well as buy the world quality goods with a reasonable price.

Just like the emotion to work with our mothers for our family, we keep an eye out for every glasses and hope to share high quality (sports) sunglasses to everyone to wear it to exercise, to leisure, travel and so on... Put on me, starting from this ancient city, go to see the world now!