AD C&C Design Set Up New Brand "WAGi"

We AD has been in the innovative research and development of sunglasses for years and has developed our own R & D personnel. Every year we receive the group orders from our nation, showing that our quality and safety are affirmative; we not only design & research by our own, but combine with the practical experience of upstream and downstream manufacturers, so both in the process management and raw materials acquisition, we have established a good communication and made sure of the quality of raw materials.

To the framework of the design as the core, through the accumulation of practical experience, consumer feedback data statistics with the flight of the discussion and analysis of the results, found that the current market needs in addition to beautiful, ultra-light and flexible and durable and easy to break The framework of the market is the most needed, under the total conditions we can improve the implementation of the project and achieve the desired objectives, not only effectively expand the company's business, but also increase the export value of its own brand, improve international competitiveness, The development of foundry industry.