AK6223 Series

Frame_color:Red. Orange. Yellow. Green. Sky blue. Purple
Lens_material:PC Anti-blu-ray


  • REVO lenses with AR Coating
  • UV400 lens /w anti-bluray tint
  • Enhanced contrast vision
  • Reduce glare
  • Outstanding color perception
  • 30%~50% anti-bluray
  • Same style with adults

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  • Material: PC Frame/ PC Lenses
  • Filter Catagory: #0
  • Optical Level: 1
  • Suitable For Driving: Yes
  • Non-Toxic Painting
  • Inspection Standards: CNS15067/EN1836

Price:USD 23

  • There is always blue light in our daily life, not only in nature but in the display of 3C products.
    It will harm our eyes and cause Macular degenation if we use watch the display for a long time.
    So it is necessary to have the anti-bluray glasses to block harmful blue light.