Frame_color:Lightening Dark
Lens_material:PC REVO lenses
Lens_color:#3Grey /w Aquamarine Revo coating


  • AD REVO PC Lenses
  • Whole covered and glare free
  • New tech designed dimensional frame to fit more
  • Vented Lenses
  • Outstanding color perception
  • Handmade vacuum plating painting
  • Special adjustable temples for Triathlon stylish wearing

Featured Products:

  • Material: PC Frame/ PC Lenses
  • Filter Catagory:#3 
  • Optical Level: 1
  • Suitable For Driving: Yes
  • Non-Toxic Painting
  • Inspection Standards: CNS15067/EN1836

Price:USD 86

  • WAGi, a Brand of Humanities, Design with Cultural and creative, combined with AD technology.

    S01, Lightening Black frame, especially design for triathlon sport, the temples adjustable up and down give the better vision when lying riding. 

    Set: S01*1/ Exclusive pouch*1/ WAGi Case


    polycarbonate resinalso known as bullet-proof plastic or plastic steel , colorless, transparent , heat tolerance , impact resistance, flame retardant, has good mechanical properties in common temperature.


    Explosion - proof PC lenses, Also known as transparent steel, with six properties of lightweight, heat-resistance, high optical clarity, impact resistance, UV cut and low birefringence, can effectively block UV, UV100% resistance.

    AD Optical Process:With Level 1 best Lenses, the UV light sensor photochromic lenses will change color with the strength of UV light, the stronger UV light is the darker the lenses will be.

    REVO Coating: is made layer by layer, so it gets the color rich and saturated, There must be 9-11 layers to be the real REVO coating. After this treatment, lens have the mirror effect of water repellent and scratch resistance.

    Our Guarantee:

    1.The production of lens including cutting, UV400 protection and optical precision in charge of the 5 biggest Optical Factories, keeping the high quality of lens.

    2. Our lens pass the international standards including ANSI (USA)/ AS (Australia)/ EN (European Union), require 100% UV  Test Standard for Sunglasses, completely filter out the ultraviolet (UVA and UVB) in the sunlight,  reduce the irritation and injury for eyes.

    3. The production technology of optical ball lens within five degrees to ensure that the target clear and not dizzy for wearing .

    4. High-strength PC lens with scratch & impact resistance for variety of glasses.

    5. Tox-free for the frame painting。

    National Standard No.D63938, the best choice for eye protection

    Sports fit: Triathlon, Cycling, Baseball, Softball, Marathon, Golf, Outdoors activities, Hiking, Servuval games, Motorcycling...