Lenses tinted

based on UV400 lens then tinted & Functions:

  • Clear:

    Can prevent sand, mosquitoes or alien objects into the eyes, whether running, cycling can be used all day long.
  • Yellow:

    Can be used on driving. It can improve clarity and be good for night or fog use(daylight and glare is not recommended). It can absorb 100% of UV rays and allow infrared and 83% of visible light through the lens. The biggest feature is the yellow lenses absorb most of the blue ray. When the sun light goes through the atmosphere, it mainly performs blue light, which can explain why the sky is blue. After the yellow lenses absorb blue light, the scene of the nature will be much clearer.
  • Blue:

    Can be used when playing on the beach. It can effectively filter out the color of light blue of the sea and reflected from the sky. Blue lens should avoid being used on driving because it will make us confused about the colors of traffic signals.
  • Green:

    Can increase the maximum green light to reach eyes at the same time while absorbing the green light, so it can make people feel cool and comfortable. It is good for the people whose eyes easy to get fatigued.
  • Pink or Red:

    Can enhance the contrast and sharpness under strong glare, so it is very suitable for water sports and snow events. It can absorb 95% of ultraviolet rays and some of the shorter wavelength of visible light. In fact, such a function is like untinted lenses. That is, pink lens does not have greater protection effect than normal lenses. Pink lenses, still a considerable advantage visually, because people feel more comfortable to wear it.
  • Bronze or Brown :

    Is the first choice for driving because it can enhance the contrast of colors, It absorbs more blue ray than green lens. Bronze lens distort color much more than gray or green lens, but it offers another choice of tints and reduces the blue glow to make the image clearer.
  • Gray:

    Is a good choice for it can retain the most of the original natural colors when seeing objects. It is the most suitable lens tinted under the sun. It can absorb infrared rays and 99% of UV rays. The greatest advantage of gray lens is it does not make the original scene change its colors through the lens. It makes less distortion when watching the scene outdoors to get the right colors. And the most satisfying is that it can be very effective in reducing the light intensity.
  • Amber or Orange:

    is very suitable for cloudy weather. It can make very clear vision, but it is not suitable for using under the sun.