Lens Coating

Based on UV400 lens and then do the trearment.Below are several types:

  • Mirror Coating

    It is used by different refractive index materials to complete processing through vacuum coating. It can increase the reflectivity throughout the visible region and effectively reduce the light intensity in the snow or beach under strong light. This technology is basic and simple. They are divided into shallow mirror and white mirror. The effect of white mirror certainly is better and catches more eyes than shallow mirror. , White mirror is more shinning, but relatively its poor transmittance makes the light dim. Shallow mirror is a better choice If we talk about the fitness of eyes, but some prefer darker so white mirror is another good choice too.


  • Color Mirror Coating

    It is used by different refractive index materials to complete processing through vacuum coating. They have the advantages of more attractive colors as well as normal mirror coating.

    But color mirror coating is still mirror coating. It is different from REVO (multi-layer) coating. REVO coating lens is better in clarity and comfort.

    Some brands sell their mirror coating lens, much cheaper than REVO lens, in the name of REVO coating. The price is as REVO lens but actually cost only half. Consumers shall be careful.

  • Revo Coating

    REVO (multi-layer) coating is also called color iridium lenses. It is used by environmental imported materials with high vacuum plating multilayer coating, using a variety of different refractive index material of inorganic chemistry to interfere with each other. It is an optical grade production.

    According to the wavelength of visible light spectra of various structures, designed to remove harmful rays to enhance the functionality of the lens and providing excellent eye protection and the use of night vision principle make the same visual effect regardless of the lens used day or night.

            REVO coating is made layer by layer, so it gets the color rich and saturated, There must be               9-11 layers to be the real REVO coating. After this treatment, lens have the mirror effect of                   water repellent and scratch resistance.

How to tell mirror coating from REVO coating?

   With your own eyes to check is the best reliable way. It is significantly different when looking out      with lens on between REVO and mirror coating. It is obviously darker with mirror coatings, on the    other hand, the vision is lighter and colorful with REVO coating lens.

  • AR Coating

    • AR coating is the use of inorganic chemical materials with advanced vacuum coating and mutual interference of multi-coated optical system, which is done the treatment inside the lens.

         Such coating can reach two effects: mutual remove and neutralize the reflected light. So it can improve transparency and provide clear and bright visual.

      ● reduce the reflection of light, so that the wearers feel comfortable

      ● improve night vision effects to make night driving more comfortable

      ● reduce eye fatigue, reduce glare in the office such as surface glare of computer screen, fluorescent...etc.

      How to tell if your lens with AR coating?

The reflective light is blue or purple inside the lens with AR coating but it is white inside without AR.

  • Anti blu-ray coating

    Treatment with lens based on UV400 lens, then tinted to light yellow and coated AR (Anti-Reflection).  Lens show light yellow color and reflect blue or purple light.

    Light-sensitive cells in the retina of the major compounds includes rhodopsin, opsin and melanosomes… etc., they can absorb blue light much more than red light.

    Blue light activing amount of the compounds will provoke these retinal cells to accelerate lipofuscin, lipid accumulation in the retinal pigment compounds, such as the impurities deposited on the film, to blur the vision, at the same time, to increase the release of harmful free radicals, damage the visual cells and accelerate age-related macular degeneration.

    Studies indicate filtering about 30% of the blue ray will make the light softer, reduce eye fatigue and discomfort, and will not produce a color cast.

    You need a pair of anti-bluray glasses for protection to face 3C products every day.

LED Spectrum: Harmful ray is consentrated on UV or blue light.

  • Anti-oil dirt coating

    With vacuum coating machine, to coat the lens surface with a layer of transparent film, make lens leave without dirt and keep the lens clear.


    ● protects the lens effectively

    ● Easy to clean

    ● leave no dirt

  • Anti-fog coating

    With special anti-fog protective film multilayers, to apply a layer of ultra-thin film on the surface of the spectacle lens, to exert its superior hydrophilic, to prevent the water on the glasses surface from membranous condensation and fogging.

    Anti-fog treatment has timeliness, which is about 6 months to 1 year.