PC Material Feature

PC (Polycarbonate) polycarbonate resin , also known as bullet-proof plastic or plastic steel , colorless, transparent , heat tolerance , impact resistance, flame retardant, has good mechanical properties in common temperature.

Chemical and physical properties

  1. PC is a non- crystalline engineering materials , with a particularly good impact strength , thermal stability , gloss, inhibit bacterial properties , flame retardant properties and fouling resistance .
  2. 2.PC has good mechanical properties , in the selection of PC material quality, we should see the final product as a benchmark, so we can optimize the injection molding process.

Typical useage

Electrical and business equipment ( computer components , connectors, etc. ) , appliances ( food processing machine , refrigerator drawers, etc. ) , transportation industry ( vehicle front and rear lights , dashboard , etc. ) .


  • Pros: creep resistance , toughness, dimensional stability
  • Restrictions: polycarbonate (PC) have excellent impact strength , high heat resistance and good dimensional stability. Polycarbonate (PC) used to be the first thermoplastic to provide these characteristics . Although it is stable with water, mineral and organic acid, but some of them are dissolved in aromatic hydrocarbon, in a chlorinated solvent, and alkali decomposition. Polycarbonate (PC) also has very good electrical characteristics.


Material Performance