TR90 Material Feature

TR90 (GRILAMID TROGAMID CX): is a high-tech memorized material developed and produced by EMS, Swiss Chemical Company. Due to its transmittance up to 90%, it is abbreviated as TR-90, and it also called "super-elastic memorized resin", as known "plastic titanium." This material is high wear resistant and not be deformed after extreme pressure, so it is usually used to be high-priced commercial products, glasses frames.


Chemical and physical properties

With super toughness, crashworthiness, wear resistance, and low coefficient of friction, it can effectively prevent eyes and faces from injuries because of the breaking frame to cause friction.Its specific molecular structure, good chemical resistance not easy to deform under high temperature environment make it not easy to melt and burn in high temperature resistance up to 350 degrees in a short period. No chemical residues released, complied with European requirements for food-grade materials.

1, light weight: less than PC material frame about 35% by weight, reducing burden of nose and ears, so make more light and comfortable to wear.

2, plenty colors: much vivid colors better than ordinary plastic frame.

3, impact-resistance: 2 times more than PC material, ISO180/IC:> 125kg/m2 of flexibility to effectively prevent eyes from injuries due to impact in the movement.

4, high-temperature tolerance: able to tolerate to 350 degrees in short time, ISO527: deformation resistance index 620kg/cm2. Frame is not easy to melt and burn, not easily to deform and discolor, so it can be worn longer.

5, Safety: no chemical residues released, complied with European requirements for food-grade materials.

6, anti-allergy: is suitable for facial skin allergic.

Material Performance

No chemical residues released, meets the requirements of European food-grade materials. TR90 spectacle frames with smooth surface, which density 1.14-1.15 will float on the saline, are lighter than other plastic glasses frames about half of the weight of Plate material, 85% of Nylon material. They can reduce the burden of the nose and ears, suitable for young people. It is very wearable, as well good chemical resistance, solvent resistance, good weather resistance, not easy to burn, high temperature resistance.

It is a kind of high memory polymer material, anti-deformation index 620kg / cm2, not easy to transform. With the feature ofelasticity, toughness, not easy to break, strength, no rupture, so it is safe for sports. And it’s resistance to impact is 2 times more than Nylon material and elasticity of ISO180 / IC:> 125kg / m2 to efficiently prevent from the eye damage in sports.