ULTEM(PEI) Material Feature

ULTEM is polyetherimide (PEI) plastic, researched, developed and produced by GE, U.S. General Company from 1972.

Ultem has optimum temperature-tolerance, dimensional stability, and chemical resistance, flame retardant, electrical resistance, high strength, high rigidity.

Not only has high mechanical performance, but also has excellent heat resistance and chemical stability (continuous temperature about 170 ℃), and highly dimensional stability and creep strength.

High strength at high temperature, high rigidity, wear resistance and dimensional stability.

Due to its excellent resistance to hydrolysis so it is applied to make medical surgical instruments, trays, fixtures, prostheses, medical and dental appliances, and light reflectors.

Currently there is no PEI board manufacturer in Taiwan, so it is mainly imported from Germany, the United States, and Japan. Although Ultem has strong heat resistance and toughness, but it gets sensitive in stress embrittlement when this kind of non-crystalline thermoplastics in contact with organic solvent (such as ethanol).